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black Borzoi Barnabas with toy white Borzoi Tersai with flowers two head views of Borzoi Sox Mug with Siberian Iris blossums Mug with Spuria Iris blossums
Plush Cthulhu and Hound of Tindalos in Mardi Gras beads
Plush Cthulhu and the Hound of Tindalos return from Mardi Gras
Plush Cthulhu on His Eldritch Throne
Plush Cthulhu on His Eldritch Throne [with friend].
Plush Cthulhu meets The Guardian of Plush Toys
Plush Cthulhu meets The Guardian of Plush Toys
Follow this link to:   Tales of the Plush Cthulhu and sources for Plush Cthulhu at Paizo
For an understanding of Cthulhu see: The Compleat Works of H. P. Lovecraft on line.

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Pictures of 17 year Locusts (Cicadas) at Hydes Maryland in 2004.
Sans Souci Nursery Archive A Tribute to Bruce Hornstein's Iris Nursery, which used to be near my house.
Borzoi pages Borzoi among the lovelist of dogs. They could be thought of as "the Iris of the dog world".

Nature, Natural History, Art Dog Related Links Computer related Links
Sans Souci Nursery
In Maryland, home of fine Irises, Dahlias and selected other plants for your garden.
Borzoi information site. Including articles by Bonnie Dalzell on coat color and performance
Ubuntu Linux
Free! Easy to install, easy to use, independent of Micro$oft, open source operating system which can revive your older computer.
Pictures of 17 year Locusts (Cicadas) at Hydes Maryland in 2004.
Madagascar Coton de Tulear Club of America
An independent breed registry with scientific guidance to promote the breeding of temperamentally sound healthy companion dogs.
BATW.net, Bonnie Dalzell's computer related pages Includes Humor, HTML Lessons and Perl Lessons
Beautiful pictures of Trilobites from Ernst Heckel's Kunstformen der Natur. Bonnie Dalzell's collection of Borzoi Pedigrees online.
Over 50,000 pedigrees with ancestors color coded.
BATW.net, Web Page Construction Lessons
Bonnie Dalzell's online portfolio
Strange and Future Beasties
The Dog Dimension: Discussions of population genetics in relation to breeding fit, healthy dogs Bonnie Dalzell's Perl Scripts, Perl Lessons and Perl Links
  Silkenswift Borzoi pages Somewhat outdated website for Bonnie Dalzell's Borzois  

Spherized Cicada head

From 2003, The Year of the 17 Year Locust

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