Bonnie Dalzell's Personal Notes about Perl on the Amiga

A personal dialog. My programming background.
I am academically trained as an evolutionary biologist who had the good fortune to spend a couple of years at MIT's Artificial Intelligence Lab in the Logo Group. Although I was attracted to Symbolic Logic while an undergraduate, in the 1960's when I was in college, programming was reserved for 'math whizzes'. I am definately not a 'math whiz'. I barely passed "Calculus for Biologists" a course I took at UC Berkeley in the 1960's taught at by some guy named (as I recall) Kaczynski. He rambled on a lot...
My programing experience proceeded from LOGO to old fashioned line-numbered BASIC (on a TRS-80) to modern BASIC such as Amiga Basic. Somehow I avoided C. Although I have been told there are C like aspects to PERL the transition to PERL has not been particularly hard. Perhaps this is because of the book "Perl for Dummies".
Why Perl on the Amiga , after all doesn't the Amiga have AREXX and C?
This is true, however PERL is a cross platform language and many PERL scripts can run WITHOUT modification on other platforms.
The major problem I have had with perl has to do with making a program with a GUI interface.
I cannot get Tk to work on my Amiga so I have had to plan to develop different GUI front ends for different platforms for any program that needs a GUI front end. My recent learning curve break through has been to discover how to call Amiga binaries such as the Amiga file requestor and choice requesting gadgets from a PERL program and use the results in the PERL program.
Example Here is an example of using the Amiga File requestor.
Example Here is an example of using the Amiga Request Choice Gadget.
Example Here is an example of using the Amiga RequestMX Gadget.
This demonstrates the use of RequestMx with a long list of choices. The items are opened in sets of 5. If one of those is NOT chosen you move on to the next set. When you finally find the item you want, selecting it returns that item to perl and exits the program.
Example Here is program that prints color output to your Amiga shell by using escape sequences from the perl program.
Vicky Staubly of NCAUG showed me the basics of opening new shells from a perl program and sendign messages to them. These can be used to report back errors or other results from the program. Since it is the original Amiga CON: shell it does not have a history or a slider. If anyone can tell me how to open a VIncED shell please contact me.

I would be very happy to correspond with fellow users of PERL on the Amiga!

contact e-mail is b d a l z e l l at Q I S dot n e t

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