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black Borzoi Barnabas with toy white Borzoi Tersai with flowers two head views of Borzoi Sox Mug with Siberian Iris blossums Mug with Spuria Iris blossums

This is a pictorial Tutorial Look at the Images One at a time

This photo is taken from Ekaterina Druz's EquinePhoto.net. If they object to it being used and an example I can do a different one
Otherwise visit them for your Equine Photo needs. Copyright © 2010 Ekaterina Druz.

Then I went to edit these pics for this Tutorial using ShowFoto (I HATE GIMP) and realized that ShowFoto works in a very intuitive way to enter text once you find the text entry tool under the "Decorate" entry in the top menu

How to Enter Text in ShowFoto

ShowFoto is the successor to DigiKam. www.digikam.org If you have Ubuntu GNU/Linux you can install it from Synaptic Package Manager.

Text Entered into Picture with ShowFoto
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Spherized Cicada head

From 2003, The Year of the 17 Year Locust

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