The Red AMIthlon Computer built by Bonnie Dalzell

[2004 My Customized AMIthlon computer  and my dog Blaze]

April 2004, My new Amithon computer and my dog Blaze. (for more about Blaze go to

Two years ago, fearful that my Amiga 4000 might die, I purchased an AMIthlon from Software Hut . It was a really nice machine but then I saw customized cases with windows in the sides, flashing lights and lighted cables. On investigation I discovered that customizing a computer is considerably less expensive than customizing a sports car. :-)

The case is a Chieftec case, the power suppply is by Antec, the MSI KT6 Delta mother board has an AMD Athlon 2700+ CPU. (It was a compromise - cutting edge vs price). The graphics card is a MSI G4 Ti 533 with a nVidia chip set. The IDE Drives are mounted in StarTech drive drawers so that they can be easily removed and another drawer with a different OS inserted.

Currently I have it doing almost all of the things  I  want a modern computer to do. ADSL using MiamiDX, the web using Ibrowse, USB via Chris Hodges' Poseidon and Guido Mersmann's ArakAttack, graphics manipulation with NovaDesign's ImageFX, desktop publishing via PageStream, linux type capabilities via Geek Gadgets.

In addition to website design at and I am using it to develop a cross platform pedigree program WebPed which is currently capable of generating pedigrees in web format on any platform that has Perl installed.

I am very grateful to Wil Haslup, Walter Miles, Jered Golden and the other members of NCAUG and to all the people on the AmithlonOpen Mailing list who have helped me figure out how to build this system.

Currently the system boots into Amiga OS 3.9 via AMIthlon, Mandrake Linux and PCDos7. The latter to enable me to run a legacy pedigree program.

The background fractal graphic for this page is generated by Zone Explorer (c) Elena

the red athlon with its lighted drive cables
Thanks to NCAUG member Jared Golden I learned about self lighted drive connection cables. I have not yet found one for the SCSI drive but they are available for the floppy drive and the IDE drives.

Next: Lighted Case Feet and a Dragon design for the outside of the case.

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