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black Borzoi Barnabas with toy white Borzoi Tersai with flowers two head views of Borzoi Sox Mug with Siberian Iris blossoms Mug with Spuria Iris blossums
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Bonnie with 10 foot high weed
July 28, 2015 Bonnie returns from Vegan Safari with mystery plant.
mystery weed, leaf close up
Mystery plant next to house - for scale
mystery weed, leaf close up
Leaf of the mystery plant.

It is official, Maryland Department of Agriculture Expert ID'ed the Mystery Weed as a Giant Wild Lettuce!

Lactuca canadensis
The first one was found next to the house but Bonnie bravely goes on Safari to search for more of them.
She finds more out in the far reaches of the main dog pen!

Bonnie on Safari captures Giant Lettuce
Bonnie on Vegan Safari in Giant Lettuce forest.
giant lettuce grove
The Monarch of the Giant Lettuce Forest,
.Giant Lettuce Lactuca canadensis July 1, 2015 in Hydes Maryland This specimen is estimated to be 104 inches (264cm)(8.6ft) tall. I used machete as scale (16 inches).
Mammutus clouds
Mammutus Clouds after severe weather in Hydes Maryland June 23, 2015 - 7:30PM.
Mammutus clouds

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