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I have a long, low key, career as an artist and writer which has included publication of my work in various science fiction venues, dog magazines, web sites, co-author on a real "scientific" article, a number of natural history and paleontology publications, Smithsonian Magazine and the cover of Science magazine. I have also done exhibit work for a number of natural history museums and I taught medical and veterinary anatomy for almost 20 years *

Before I became active in competitive dog sports (an all consuming addiction that derailed a number of other projects ***). I attended a lot of science fiction conventions and had a art print and stationary company called "Sleepy Lion Graphics". I had a partner who took care of packaging and selling while I took care of creating the art work and managing production of the product. It was a good partnership because dealing with the selling end of things was generally lethal to my ability to create while Scott was not an artist but a business person. Eventually Scott moved off to Ohio and I went back to graduate school and Sleepy Lion Graphics went to sleep as it were.

Recently I have discovered some on line production and shipping companies such as and These seem to offer me the opprotunity to sell my artwork again without having to face the lethal problem of marketing (packaging and shipping). So I am going to experiment with creation of items through these online companies. I have a large inventory of graphic designs left over from the Sleepy Lion days as well as a collection of photographic images from our Borzoi hobby and my current work creating a website for Sans Souci Iris Nursery in Monkton, Maryland. I also think I am going to start going to science fiction conventions again.

My current CafePress Stores

* Yes, at a real accredited medical school (Howard University) and a real accredited college of veterinary medicine (University of Pennsylvania) until someone in the administration at the latter figured out that my life time ambition was to stay in graduate school and terminated my long term project. Basically I like to teach and I hate writing grant proposals. The grim truth is that, I had finished my degree and landed a job as a PhD in Anatomy, Paleontology or a related field, then I would have also graduated into the position of having to write grants to keep my job, not teach or do exhibit design**.

** This would even be the case if I got a job with a Natural History Museum, how do you think they are able to stay open?

*** However there is nothing that can make an evolutionary biologist happier than giving them a gene pool to play with (or as my husband, Dr Saklad, suggests, swim in. Darwin came back from his voyage on the Beagle and started raising fancy pigeons. It took him years to get around to actually writing "The Origin of the Species and the Descent of Man".

Some Bonnie Dalzell Websites, in no particular order:

**** now you know where BATW came from

Here are samples of my current Products with links to the stores where they can be purchased.

[Mug with
    pictures of the black masked cream Borzoi Sox]

Borzoi head study of Sox, bred by Pam Mayberry.
[Mug with
    picture of the white Borzoi from Russia named Tersai

Borzoi head study of Tersai a white Borzoi from Russia owned by Bonnie Dalzell.
[Picture of a tile with the black Borzoi      Barnabas with his favorite toy, a stuffed red crab ]

Borzoi study in cuteness, the black Borzoi Barnabas with his stuffed crab toy. Barnabas was owned by Bonnie Dalzell.
siberian Irises on a mug siberian Irises on a mug

Beardless Siberian Irises on a large mug at
Spuria Irises on a mug Spuria Irises on a mug

Beardless Spuria Irises on a large mug at

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